2012 Jul-2014 Dec

QUOSA Solutions Specialist / PV subject matter specialist

  • Sale engineering: Defines relevant requirements and maps them to product functionalities. Develops pilot installations that demonstrate value proposition. Collaborates with cross functional teams on new functionality required by customers. Generates Agile themes, epics, user stories on appropriate platform. Supports account team to demonstrate product value and ROI in support of major customer contract negotiations (sale, up-sale or renewal)
  • Account pre/post sale support: Bridges between Quosa TS and customer IT on deployment; deploys and tests compliance with customer requirements; engages third party suppliers to support customer requirements (e.g. document delivery vendors, link resolvers, database platforms, etc.); tests and verifies new releases of Product components as relevant to specific customers; establishes usage goals per customer (in conjunction with account team); systematically monitors usage against targets;
  • Market development: is the face of the product for E.M.E.A.; engages on discovery interactions in order to roadmap product development and competitor intelligence