Hi. This page was created to quickly present a mash-up of information about me. So, here I am in half a dozen concepts:

I’m a technical geek, working on IT since 1982, right at my first job, and an Information Professional since 1990 when I created a company to supply STM information to I&D and HE.

In 2004 I embarked on finally getting a University Degree by the traditional method of going to classes and passing exams. I got a bachelor’s degree (Pre-Bologna) and a Licenciatura (Post-Bologna) in Ciências e Tecnologias da Documentação e Informação, from the Instituto Politécnico do Porto.

2008-2009 I completed a post-graduate degree in computing: Pós-Graduação em Sistemas de Informação (POSI) from the Instituto Superior Técnico

2009-2010 I completed the 3rd leg of my education with the post-graduate degree in business management: Curso Geral de Gestão from the Unidade de Formação de ExecutivosFaculdade de EconomiaUniversidade Nova de Lisboa.

Do you want to know more?

  • The 1st computer in 1980 (I helped to put together a ZX 80 and many ZX 81)
  • 1st job in 1982 (Landry, still at Rua Coelho da Rocha)
  • Military Conscript Service: boot camp at Oporto (Regimento de Infantaria do Porto), followed by service at Lisbon (Serviços Cartográficos do Exército), Viana do Alentejo, Aljustrel and Portel (Rank: private, specialty: driver auto rubber wheels [so no track or horse drawn])
  • Under-graduate and post-graduate (Licenciatura) on CTDI (information as in “a structured set of codified mental representations (significant symbols) contextualized by the society and able of being registered in some kind of material support, and thus able to be communicated / transmitted in an asynchronous mode to multiple targets“, a phenomenon characterized by Structured by action; dynamically integrated; Pregnant; Quantifiable; Reproducible; Transmittable – See Malheiro et al.) … In short: information as in “Information Audit”, not as in “Information Systems Audit”; for more information see: The Hidden Costs of Information work e The High Cost of not finding information
  • Post-Graduate in Information Systems Management (information as in “Digital Information”).
  • Executive Degree (Post-Graduate if I had done all the homework) in Business Management
  • To know why please read (ORNA, Elizabeth) Practical information policies: How to manage information flow in organizations. Aldershot: Gower. (Matthew Hinton) Introducing Information Management: The Business Approach and (S Buchanan & F Gibb) The Information Audit: An Integrated Strategic Approach.
  • Or ask Profª Fernanda Gonçalves and Engº Pedro Sousa.
  • Still thinking about a real Master’s Degree!
  • Non-Trivial Interests:
    • Librarianship, Information Management, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Systems; Reference works: Lancaster (Indexing and Abstracting in Theory and in Practice); lighthouse: Stephen Abram
    • Education: the gnoseological phenomenon that transforms someone else’s experience in knowledge of my own; lighthouse: Americ Azevedo
    • Information Literacy, a form of intelligence.
    • Social Networks, because I was a paid sysop for a BSS (CATS BBS), and I recognize the same “drive” in the Web 2.0 phenomenon
    • Web 2.0, specifically Web 2.0 as a communication tool between information services and patrons, and the ecosystem where the 2500 years of continuous service by librarians to the benefit of the Human adventure will carry on.
    • If I can decide, I will install UBUNTU, not Windows.
  • I consider myself to be an expert in Blogs, OAI-PMH and RSS in general.
  • A long, long, time ago, I was seen as an expert in pre and peri-Nicene (325 AD) heresies.
  • I founded two companies
  • daughter, Project Manager like me, living abroad.
  • In a relationship
  • I drove a Prius when it was a novelty.
  • I communicate with OnePlus
  • “To travel is not a present; it is a way of life!”
  • Dreams: My daughter’s graduation ceremonybe in person at a TED conference and be happy

Do you want to know more? See my personal blog, o Info-Inqueto.