Provider of insights and analytics for scientific and academic research, patent analytics, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, and IP management. 4k Employees

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Product Manager

Product Manager for Converis, a support tool for the scholarly research ecosystem.

As part of the leadership team in Science, Academy and Research division (now Web of Science Group), developed and provided strategic direction for the development team of the flagship Research Management product through collaboration within a cross-functional team including technology, sales, and professional services.

Converis technical view

What does it do:

  • Direct and manage workflows and approvals associated with research activities and achievements
  • Advise budgeting, expenditures, and forecasting
  • Assign and delegate tasks and deadlines
  • Gather project information linking outcomes with funding
  • Validate processes for open access repository and bibliometrics
  • Aggregate data on critical institutional research processes and activities for internal and external reporting
  • Conduct intellectual property licensing for patents, expertise, and products to manage workflows
  • Promote and publicize the research and activities of your institution via and public and searchable web portal.